Salt Spring Insight Meditation


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We have migrated from the Salt Spring Vipassana Society, and are now Salt Spring Insight Meditation Community.  All the things we do are continuing unchanged, while the structure of the organization has changed.

We are a group of meditators, and a resident meditation teacher, who are dedicated to cultivating happiness and well-being through the study and practice of meditation and of compassionate action. We offer weekly meditation groups, a monthly study group, meditation instruction classes and occasional meditation practice days and residential retreats.

All Buddhist schools consider community or ‘sangha’ an essential refuge on the path towards freedom. The Salt Spring Insight Meditation community holds the intention of creating such a refuge by providing a space where people may gather to explore the unfolding of the teachings in their lives in a safe and welcoming environment. This is an open group. Everyone who attends is a valued member with a place in our community. People with all levels of meditation experience (or none) are invited to attend.