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Costs, Payment, Cancellations etc.

To complete registration we require payment at time of registering. Your place cannot be held without receipt of at least 50% or full payment.

For weekend retreats we require full payment at time of registering.

There are three ways to pay for your retreat, 1 & 2 being Offline and 3 being via PayPal.

    1. Offline‘ (Preferred – Canadians only)  Full payment via Interac transfer to the email address:
      The security question/answer required is: What month is the retreat ?     December, or March etc.
    2. Offline‘ Cheques by snail mail. (Both Canadians and US citizens).   This way you have the option of sending full payment initially, OR sending two separate cheques: 50% of total cost, as initial payment, and the other 50% post-dated for 4 weeks prior to the start of the retreat.       Please include your name and the dates of your retreat on all cheques.
      Please make cheques payable to: Salt Spring Insight Meditation Community.  (NO OTHER PAYEE CAN BE ACCEPTED).
      Please mail your cheque(s) to:   The Registrar, SSIMC, 184 Hillcrest Drive,  Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 1Y4
    3. ‘PayPal’: (Both Canadians and US citizens). Full payment must be paid at the time of registering.

Please register and pay individually for each person, and each retreat (rather than one registration for a couple, for instance).

Early registration is suggested, as accommodations are limited.

Canadian/US Exchange Rates

You may pay for your retreat in either Canadian or US Funds.  The difference in exchange rate will be absorbed by SSIMC.  If the balance is in our favour, the extra income will go towards providing financial assistance for those who would like some help to attend our retreats.
Thank you.

Cancelling And Cancellation Fees

Should you need to cancel your place in the retreat, contact the Retreat Registrar. Please give us AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE, so that we can offer your place to another retreatant.

If you cancel prior to 4 weeks before the start of the retreat, you will receive a refund as follows:
If you paid offline (either via interac or cheque) we will retain a $25 administration fee and refund the balance.
If you paid via PayPal, as they charge a 3% fee for each transaction, we will return to you via PayPal what we actually received, retaining a $25 administration fee.

If you cancel within 4 weeks of the start of the retreat, there will be no refund, unless we are able to fill your place from a waiting list.
Fees and payments for a retreat cannot be transferred to another retreat nor to another person.
No refund will be given if a retreatant leaves a retreat early or arrives late.  In considering others waiting and hoping to attend, as well as yourself, please make a commitment to attend the whole retreat.


The fees outlined above only cover the costs of hosting these retreats.  None of these funds go to the Teachers.

The Dharma Teachings of wisdom and compassion are considered priceless, thus Teachers offer their understanding freely, as it has been done over centuries. Teachers give enormously of their time, energy and understanding, but do not receive any payment for leading retreats.  This means that the livelihood of most western Vipassana Teachers depends wholly, or to a large extent, on the generosity of retreatants who value their guidance and wish to support the ongoing teachings of the Dharma.

At the end of each retreat, participants are given the opportunity to offer a voluntary financial contribution to the teachers, if they wish to support them in being able to offer the service they provide. This giving is called “dana” or “generosity” and takes consideration and care.