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2017 Retreats

For those planning to come to one of our retreats, please click on the next Menu Item “Attending our Residential Retreats” and read down the list of details.   If, AFTER reading through this list, you find you still have a question, only then contact the registrar.  
Our organization is run on a strictly volunteer basis, and our registrar will appreciate your assistance in finding out as much information as you can from the website before requesting personal correspondence.  Thank you very much.

Up-coming retreats at Stowel Lake Farm:

New Year’s Eve Retreat, December 27, 2018 – January 1, 2019.
Teacher: Heather Martin.
Registration will open in August.

Experienced Practitioners’ Retreat, March 15 – 23, 2019.
Teachers: Heather Martin and Steve Armstrong. Adrianne Ross will replace Steve if necessary, depending on his health.
Registration will open in November.


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