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Experienced Practitioner’s Retreat, with Heather Martin

Date(s) - Fri, Mar 16, 2018 - Sat, Mar 24, 2018
All Day

This special retreat is offered for those with some experience in practicing meditation.  The minimum requirement is that you will have sat 4 week-long residential retreats in this tradition.  Your practice should be established, and relatively self-supporting.  The schedule is more flexible than on most retreats, allowing for self-direction over lengths of practice periods of sitting and walking.  There will be less basic instruction, while there will be the exploration of more nuanced and in-depth exploration of some aspects of these profoundly liberating teachings.  Due to the maturity of the practitioners, this retreat is usually very settled, intimate and a great opportunity for developing concentration (Samadhi) as well as insight (Vipassana). The particular theme of this retreat will be outlined at a later date.

The retreat is ALMOST FULL with room for 3 more people to stay In-House on the Farm.

(This year the retreat will be smaller than usual – just 27 people will be attending with one teacher – due to renovations  at Stowel Lake Farm, making available a reduced number of beds at present.)  



The Spring retreat at Stowel Lake Farm was a wonderful opportunity for steadying my practice.  SLF meditation hall, accommodation and food arrangements are beautiful and supportive of kind and diligent practice.  The calm and confidence of the teachers and the group of experienced practitioners created a continuing mood of quiet encouragement for which I am very grateful. I consistently find this quality of positive support at SSVS retreats at SLF. Thank you so much.  Val E.

The Spring retreat at Stowel Lake Farm is a very special retreat for me.  It was my third time at this particular one.  Because it is for experienced practitioners I could let myself deepen in my practice and feel very relaxed and at home by the end of the first day.  The feeling of intimacy and appreciation for each other, gratitude for the opportunity to practice with experienced meditators, feeling nourished by the farm-to-table organic food, being encouraged by experienced teachers in this very special setting was palpable.  It is one of my most favorite retreats.  Sheri S.


This event is fully booked.