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Celeste Mallett

Celeste Mallett Jason has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years. She has studied under several European and North American teachers and holds certificates in Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Sivananda, and Ashtanga methods. She is inspired by all aspects of Yoga practice, especially the transformative experiences of the many students who have graced her classes over the years. She owns and directs Ganges Yoga and Still Point Yoga Studios.

Thirty years later and Celeste is still offering classes for all ages and stages of experience to folks on Salt Spring Island. When asked about her success as an Island teacher, she replied that it was her commitment, not only to the practice, but also to her students who are so greatly transformed by their participation in her classes. “Yoga is very forgiving and, really, everyone should try it at least once at some stage of their lives.” In her opinion, the effects of breathing consciously go a long way to diminishing the negative aspects of stress, and when working out is not an option for fitness due to the debilitating effects of inflammation like arthritis, the gentle, conscious movements of Yoga are found to be quite remarkable.