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Who We Are

The Salt Spring Insight Meditation Community is a community of new and experienced meditators exploring and practicing the teachings of the Buddha. We follow the tradition of the Theravada, as practiced in Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, but also find support within the Zen and Tibetan traditions.

about-us-pageWe seek to live our lives with mindful awareness, opening our hearts to joy and to suffering, in order to live with the freedom of kindness, clarity and wisdom.

Our resident teacher is Heather Martin. Heather has been meditating for over 40 years and teaching the dharma since 2001. We also invite many other teachers to lead our retreats and, from time to time, our weekly meditation sitting groups.

All our offerings are enabled by willing volunteers, generously dedicating their time and energy so that many can enjoy the benefits of hearing and practicing with these timeless teachings.