Dharma Talks by Heather

Dharma Talks by Heather

Heart Practices

Concentration And Gladdening The Heart

Everyday Metta

Gladdening The Heart

Guided Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation

How Appreciation Facilitates A Settled Mind

Kind Wisdom

Love, Friendliness

Love, Let Go


Metta and 4 Divine Abidings

Struggles, Hindrances and Freedom from them

Dukkha and Freedom From Dukkha

From Doubt To Trust

Hindrances (Especially Doubt)

How We hinder Ourselves

Obstacles and Hindrances

Our Struggling and Freedom From it


Dismantling Me


Freeing The Mind

Gaining and Losing: Practice As Both Accumulating and, More Importantly, Relinquishing

How Practice Leads To Freedom

Is This Who I Am?

Jewels of Letting Go

The Possibility of Freedom

Yourself – Caring for it and Letting it go
2013 January – Weekend retreat at Goward House, Victoria, BC

Retreat opening talk

Saturday dharma talk

Sunday morning dharmette

Sunday Dharma talk

Mindfulness, Trainings, Practices


From Doing To Being

Fruits of Patience

How concentration, vipassana (insight) and mindfulness work together.

How We Practice

Mindfulness of The Body

Mindfulness Practice, How It Works

Three Modes of Our Meditation Training

Vipassana: A Practice of Wisdom and of Love

Dharma Lenses


Balancing 5 Spiritual Faculties

Equanimity and emptiness

Four Noble Truths

Seven Factors of Awakening (Piti To Passadhi)

The Three Calming Factors by Heather Martin – March/09 Gatehouse, Salt Spring Island.
Experienced Practitioners’ Retreat: ”The three calming factors of the 7 Factors of Awakening: Calm or Serenity (Passadhi), Concentration (Samadhi) and Equanimity (Upekkha).”

Truth- Sacca

Truth and Hindrances


Spiritual living

Faith and Wisdom

Happiness: Both As A Result of Practice and As A Tool of Practice

Happiness, The fruit of Practice

How Our Practice Enriches Our Lives

How The Buddha’s Life Parallels Our Spiritual Journey

The Two Choices


What Actually Is The Truth

What Clinging Means?

Wise Worldly Lives

Working With Difficult Emotions