Heather Martin

Heather Martin

resident teacher

Heather Martin has been meditating for 50 years, in various traditions, beginning with Transcendental Meditation. For four years in the mid-seventies she studied with Sikh Guru Maharaj Charan Singh, spending some months at his ashram in the Punjab, India. Theravada has been her main practice since 1981, when she trained in the style of SN Goenka, for 8 years. She has practiced Tibetan Dzogchen with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Vipassana with Burmese Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and more recently the early Foundations of Mindfulness with scholar-monk Bikkhu Analayo.

She has been teaching meditation, including intensive retreats since 2001, in Canada and the West Coast of the United States. She guides the Salt Spring Island Vipassana Community, where she has lived for 43 years.

Heather emphasizes the practical application of these perennially brilliant teachings, with warm-heartedness, clarity and accessibility.

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