What We Offer

What We Offer

All our events are open to visitors and regulars alike, whether new to meditation or experienced practitioners. Instructions are given and plenty of opportunities arise for questions and discussion.

Salt Spring Insight Meditation offers:

Weekly evening meditation Sitting Group

Meditation Sitting Group

To support a regular meditation practice, most of us need the company of others to both sit together in meditation, and to talk about living from a ‘dharma’ perspective. Salt Spring Insight Meditation offers two opportunities for weekly practice. There is no charge for attending either group. Contributions are gratefully accepted to cover rental of the facilities.

Wednesday Evening Meditation

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
These days we are alternating our meetings between Zoom and meeting in person. The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month we meet in person at the Ganges Yoga Studio, 122 Lower Ganges Road, Ganges, S.S.I., and the 2nd and 4th we meet via Zoom.

We practice for a 45 minute period of silent meditation, often with some instruction. Our understanding of the dharma, and aspects of our practice are then explored, either in the form of a dharma talk, questions and answers and/or discussion, often in small groups. As well as helping our inner growth, we make connections with others, and learn from one another.

Two senior students: David Rumsey and Christine Mauro facilitate the evenings, with contributions from other members of the sangha from time to time.

Every two months we socialize as well as meditate together, while we get to know each other in a more personal way. Notices of this Social Evening will be posted on the Notice Board.

If you wish to attend, you are most welcome. Please email us via our contact page, so we can add your name to our contacts list. This way you will be informed weekly of the next sitting group, and given the zoom link, or the address and a few more details.

A monthly Study Group (Kalyana Mitta)

Monthly Study Group or Kalyana Mitta

Kalyana Mitta is a Pali term that means “spiritual friends” and refers to a group of practitioners who wish to meet for study and discussion of Buddhist topics. Chosen topics can vary according to the group’s interest. Our group’s emphasis is on the teachings’ application to everyday life. Source material includes books, articles, suttas, and recorded dharma talks and courses. A chosen topic may take anywhere from one month to a year of study, exploration, and practice. Past sources have included a series of talks by Joseph Goldstein on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipattana sutta), the Precepts, ‘Parami: Ways to Cross Life’s Floods’ by Ajahn Sucitto, and “Anatomy of Ignorance”, a course by Donald Rothberg, and more recently the teachings of the late Rob Burbea from Gaia House in the UK, among many others.

The group meets once a month, usually a Tuesday from 4:30 – 6:30 at various locations. Kalyana Mitta is open to all members of the Salt Spring Insight Community. For more information, please contact Christine Mauro via our contact page.

Meditation Practice Days

Meditation Practice Days

A day for Practice gives us a haven of quietude and a chance to reconnect with simplicity, our intentions to be present and caring, while being supported by a group of fellow practitioners.

We offer these days – or half-days – from time to time throughout the year, to those who have a regular meditation practice, as the day of walking and sitting meditation is self-directed.

A senior member of our community facilitates the day and will contribute various offerings, perhaps readings, a recorded dharma talk, etc.
The location varies.
We always hold these on a Sunday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Please bring your own lunch. Teas are provided.

Please see Notice Board for schedule.

Meditation Instruction Classes

Meditation Classes

SSIMC will offer a series of classes to learn about Mindfulness Meditation, the point of doing it, and becoming more skilled by practicing together.

We will learn different aspects of mindfulness meditation practice, to help free the mind from it’s neurotic and stressful patterns, and cultivating calm, friendliness and well-being in all situations and conditions.

The next series:  to be arranged.

For more details see Notice Board.